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How To Cat Proof Your Home

A friend has a delightful needlepoint that observes, "A house is not a home without a cat." As we enjoy the companionship of our cats, we should ask ourselves if our home is a safe haven for them. Even cats who spend most of their time indoors may be exposed to a number of potential hazards. Cleaning solutions such as disinfectants, drain cleaners, and detergents are among the many household chemicals which may prove toxic to a cat. They should be stored in tightly closed containers and secured cabinets where cats cannot reach them. Medicines should also be stored out of the reach of cats.Sharp objects such as knives and forks, paper clips, carpet tacks, pins should be kept out of a cat's reach. Children's toys and small objects may attract a playful cat and become lodged in its mouth or swallowed. Although kittens are sometimes pictured with a ball of yarn, a playful kitten and yarn may add up to danger. If ingested, yarn as well as thread and twine could cause serious damage to the intestinal tract.Accordin...


A Good Dog Fence Makes For Better Neighbors

Believe it or not, not everyone likes your family pet. By keeping your pet in an identified space with a good quality dog fence, Fido can remain as a good neighbor. I know, I know, it's almost impossible to imagine that anyone who knows Fido doesn't immediately fall in love with her. She might just be ok with the neighbors but the things she does in their yard make for some unhappy relationships. This is just one of the main reasons why every pet owner has an obligation to control their pets traveling range with pet fencing. The problem of course is the about relieving themselves in someone else's yard, Yes, your pet may be friendly and would like to visit the neighbors but the fact is, many people do not share your love affair with your pet. They don't want the bother of picking up after an animal that's not theirs nor having their yards soiled with urine "hot spots" and doggie piles. Dogs, although usually very friendly also can be destructive of plants and landscaping, making many breeds poor nei...


Some Tips To Help You Prepare Your Pets for Air Travel

When you have to travel and take your pet with you, driving to your destination is not very worrisome because your best friend is always in your line of vision. If it's a dog, it may joyously ride with its nose sticking out of the window while taking in all of the new sights and smells. A cat will be comfortably ensconced in its cage, uncaring about the views and sleeping peacefully instead. Traveling by air with a pet is not as comforting. Your pets are stored in a different compartment and you are unable to help them if they are afraid or become ill during the flight. This makes having to let pets travel this way a source of worry for many pet owners.Before you make your reservations and bring Fido on the plane with you its important to take certain steps. You first need to ascertain if the airline you are using will allow the type of pet that you have on board and what procedures must be followed that will allow your pet to travel on that particular airline. The rules can vary from airline to airline so do...


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