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Young Couple Donates To Animal Shelter, But Ended Up Taking An Elderly Dog Home

An all too common occurrence in Animal Shelters is when one, usually elderly animal just doesn’t look like they will ever find a home.

One case just like this was Rocky, a 17 year old dog who had been in the shelter since 2012, but his luck was about to change…

A young couple arrive at the shelter, they only came to donate, but an amazing thing happened, they saw Rocky and fell in love with him, they adopted him there and then!

Beth, Rocky’s new mom said:

“We were there to donate all kinds of stuff that I rounded up with my military community and I saw rocky walk in and I couldn’t stop thinking about that adorable old face”

“Next thing I know I’m walking out with Rocky!”

Poor old Rocky was in a bad way, especially the first few days, but sure enough after a good bath, good food and a good old ‘oiling of the joints’ with lots of love he started to shine and bubble with enthusiasm.

He follows the couple like a shadow, he likes to go where they go, and even to sing with them, pushing himself to the limit, what an amazing dog!

It’s really sad that Rocky had so many of his years in the shelter, but the couple promised him that his time with them would be joyful and a complete pleasure, with lots of treats and goodies.

Rocky had brought the couple closed together and filled a void in their life, like a missing piece that as found again, the couple are so content to be companions, what a perfect match!

Here is Beth’s letter to Rocky, so lovely…

“I took you on knowing we were going to have to take extra care of you. Knowing that one day you weren’t going to make it outside in time to use the restroom and I would have to clean it up I knew one day I was going to have to carry you up the stairs when you no longer have the strength to do it.

I knew you were going to eventually lose your hearing and eyesight. And we were going to have to spend extra money to make the house safer for you. I knew one day I am going to have to say goodbye to you. But until then you are the best gift I have ever gotten and I’m really sad I couldn’t give you the best 17 years you deserved but I promise you’ll have a great life from now to the day I have to say goodbye!”

Thank you, Beth, for the wonderful and magical storey, and for being yourself and for Rocky too!

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