Kelly Benzel was looking for a dog to call her own and she knew she wanted to give a pup in need a loving home and get a dog for her family for Christmas.

She came across someone selling Rocco, a pit bull mix, on Facebook on behalf of the previous owners who had only owned him for a few months.

So she bought sweet Rocco for her family and when she picked him up she knew he was the right one and that she had to take him with her.

Then on her way home, she noticed something horrifying.

Rocco began to smell and she couldn’t take the odor any longer so she pulled over to check it out.

She took off the harness he was wearing only to reveal a gash on his neck that was clearly infected. The gash was a big one measuring 6 in. long and 1.5 in. deep. She was infuriated but knew she had to get the poor guy some help and off they went to the vet.

The doctors put bandages on his wound and gave him medicine to help it heal and sent him home to live with his new family. They said that the harness on him had been there since he was young and it was becoming embedded in his skin.

Immediately when Kelly got home, she spoke with the seller of the dog, and the seller tried to bribe her by saying the previous owners would pay the vet bills, but Kelly called the local police anyway and told them about the situation.

Rocco’s previous owners claimed they had no clue about his injury and they never took off the harness because he would try running away and they couldn’t catch him.

The previous owners and the seller were charged and given a court date to decide what to do about the situation and on the day of the trial, the previous owners and the seller were all charged with mistreatment of animals/causing death and were all given a $1,500 signature bond.

When you’re charged with mistreatment of animals/causing death you get a maximum sentence to 3½ years in prison so Rocco got the justice he deserves and now he’s living a happy and healthy life with his new family that loves him.

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