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Steve-O (Jackass) Finds A Best Friend In A Street Dog, Now He Is Taking Her Home To The USA!

All celebs are really just people like you and me, but they can do some things most of us can’t, Steve-O is no exception, known for his Crazy performance stunts on ‘Jackass’, a TV-series, however recently showing a softer side and love for dogs!

In a behind the scenes video of his trip to Peru, we as well as learning how to climb, he shows a real interest in finding a street dog as his companion!

He tells the audience that he is on a mission not only to climb in Peru, but he wants to find a street dog for a companion.

Whilst on his very first day there he bought some bags of dog food and went around to try and feed all the local stray dogs!

Although many of the strays were too scared to approach him to close, there was one doggie that was happy to come close to him, he called her Wendy.

street dog

Wendy was quite happy to be close to him and let him pet her…

He said: “Right away we had a total connection.”

After this Steve-O had to go and work on his TV-show, so he didn’t know when he would see wends again…

But, sure enough, later that night, Wendy showed up at the restaurant where he was having his dinner, with all her friends! Like they had a meeting and decided they would all find him!

street dog

She tagged along and went back to the hotel, he picked her up at the hotel and snuck her into his room with him.

Although they got caught Steve-O wasn’t deterred and arranged that she could stay, so long as he kept her in the bathroom.

street dog

After a good bath to clean all the muck off her Steve-O, with his friends, set a tent up outdoors, he was going to sleep ion the tent, outdoors, with her in the tent with him, how lovely!

Looks like she was more than happy to camp with him outside the hotel, Wendy was free to leave when she wanted, but she chooses to stay with him, and who wouldn’t right?

street dog

The next day he took Wendy to the vet, she was cleaned-up again and wormed, treated for fleas and given all her vaccinations too!

street dog

Steve-O said:

“She’s no street dog anymore.”

Steve made it very clear that he was going to take her home with him to the USA, She already has her tickets to Los Angeles!

Wendy is sticking with Steve and his friends on their adventures around Peru, until its time to go home with Steve of course!

Watch Wendy’s sweet rescue below, what an awesome story:

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