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Shelter Dog Dances To Get Your Attention & Hopefully To Capture Your Heart!

It’s like Ginger wants people to notice her, and hopefully she will get their attention and someone will finally decide to give her the loving home that she needs.

But despite her dancing skills, Ginger hasn’t found a home yet. She’s positive for heartworms–but that can be treated.

The shelter has waived her adoption fee, hoping that someone will take Ginger home very soon.

ORIGINAL STORY: If you were a dog at shelter, what would you do to get noticed so that you can finally get the loving, forever home that you desperately want?

The dog in the video below is getting everyone’s attention because every time somebody stops by her kennel, she dances.

Her name is Ginger Rogers. She is a one-year-old stray dog who was rescued and is now under the care of the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orlando, Florida.

Are you the one that Ginger is waiting for? Could you be her dance partner for life?

Watch the video below and see her dance!

UPDATE: Ginger has been adopted! “Good News: Ginger Rogers has a new dance partner and will be leaving the shelter on Monday with her new family!” writes the Orange County Animal Shelter on a post by BarkBox. Way to go, Ginger!

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