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Man adopt senior dog, on a walk one day he stopped, looks into his eyes and realizes!

Most older cats and dogs really like to enjoy their old age and relax and toddle about as they please, with their best human friends.

These older pets really want to show their love and affection towards us, but it’s these same older pets, that are abandoned…

Unfortunately these older and senior pets, unlike the younger ones have great difficulty when they are abandoned. To find a new loving home is so difficult as most people want to adopt a younger animal, and then the older ones get passed by.

To help people to actually adopt older pets, and those pets that need special care, PETA have collaborated with the singer Yusuf Islam, also known as Cat Stevens. Around fifty years ago Islam had a song that rejoiced in the bond of dog and human, it’s called “I Love My Dog”.

To honor the songs fiftieth anniversary Islam gave to PETA permission to use the song for their video that tells us all about how great it is to adopt a pet, but more importantly a senior pet!

This video is great, its a real bow of tissues affair when you watch it! It shows when he adopts a senior dog from an animal shelter. You see that right from the beginning there is a clear strong bond between them.

The man brings the dog hole from the shelter who decides to have a root through his garbage, just in case there is anything good in it! When his owner sees what he has done he simply laughs and clears it all up…

The two, senior dog and owner have a really great time, long walks, new tricks and sleeping close to each other, how sweet!

As you see the man and his dog bonding Yusuf sings:

“I love my dog as much as I love you. But you may fade, my dog will always come through.”

As you see the senior dog and his owner on a walk one day, the dog sits to look at him, the owner feels there is something wrong. He takes his friend to the vet…

He learns that its tile to say goodbye to his faithful friend…

And he is crushed by his loss of his best friend, but at the same time he had so much joy from their time together.

Then he gets a flyer in his mail to say there is another adoption event on, he goes right over there to find another dog in need!

senior dog

Grab yourself some tissues and see the beautiful video below, and encourage everyone you know to share this and adopt a senior animal in need!

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