A severely wounded dog was discovered on the streets of Richmond, VA. The Good Samaritan that came across the abandoned soul did not hesitate to help and immediately called for help. In just a matter of minutes, officer Jones arrived at the scene and took this two-year-old pit bull mix to the Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) facility.

She was just sitting in the bushes for an extented period of time and she was frozen – Christie Chipps Peters with RACC explained.

This is one of the worst cases of abuse we have seen where the dog is still alive, Ms. Peters concluded.

As soon as she arrived at the facility, Dr. Mercurio and his team started working on saving Penelope’s life. They managed to stop the hypothermia and safely sedated her to begin cleaning her up. She had bite marks all over her body and she has developed an infection from the open wounds in her face.

Initially, chances of saving her left eye were pretty slim, but surgery turned out to be successful and she will be able to regain full vision. Penolope’s injuries will still require weeks of carefully managed wound care.

Based on her injuries, most likely this gentle dog had been used as bait for dog fights. She was powerless in front of the continuous attacks coming from vicious dogs that were instructed to rip her apart. Her suffering and pain knew no limits.

Richmond Animal Care and Control has received thousands of applications from compassionate people interested in offering Penelope a permanent home once she feels better. The amount of love and support for Penelope has been overwhelming thus far.

Please take action and help us get the justice Penelope deserves. The people responsible are still out there and other dogs are in danger as well. We can’t afford other innocent animals to suffer Penelope’s terrible fate.

We hereto call on the authorities to deploy all available resources and launch a complex investigation into this matter and bring those responsible to justice. Penelope’s suffering cannot go unnoticed and must be sanctioned drastically. Please show your support for her by sharing this.

News Source: http://www.nbc12.com/story/37057242/freezing-injured-dog-found-in-church-hill

This little girl was found in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, VA

A good Samaritan immediately alerted the authorities

Penelope underwent surgery and is now recovering

Support Justice For Penelope!

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