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This Dog’s Reaction To The First Loving Touch Can Bring A Tear To Your Eyes!

Dogs in shelters have a really hard time to get out of there if they are not ‘ cute puppies’ or small cute toy dogs.

Not even getting to senior dogs who spend their last days in the shelter without having a loving hand to pet on them before they go.This is a cruel fact, and it’s because this is a cruel world we’re living in.

Most people don’t want a dog that they will have to take care of for more time than the time they are going to spend playing with him and having fun.

That’s why when Cruz was labelled as aggressive, his chances in getting adopted got close to nil !

But Cruz isn’t really an aggressive dog, he was living on the streets, he was filthy, and he was infested with ticks. He didn’t feel safe, he hasn’t experienced love and he didn’t trust humans.

When he was found he became so scared that he took a strong defensive position. He tried so hard to get away from them, he resisted all of his rescuers’ attempts at getting him to go with them.


At the end they had no choice but to use achoke stick to bring him in, however. This made them label him as “Aggressive”, now who would adopt a Pit bull that’s labelled as aggressive? No One!

However, one of the shelter employees, Maria Sanchez, couldn’t believe that this beautiful dog was aggressive. She went to his cage to try reach for him and see for herself, the dog’s reaction melted my heart.


He was scared, he didn’t want to get close to her at the beginning. But then he felt safe enough, and he went over, and it was just amazing.

All that this dog needed was love, he was missing love.


Pit bulls are not aggressive by nature, quite the opposite of it, they are sweet and kind and loving.

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