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Cheech’s Snarl Is A Smile on Demand, Everyone Falls In Love With Him

This cute little dog, named Cheech came to be rescued and taken to the City of Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue Shelter in Waller, Texas. This little cutie surprised staff in the shelter when they realized that he had an amazing talent!

The pup arrived at the shelter on Thursday and very quickly became a hit the very next day after the shelter posted photos of him and his adorable little smiley faces on Facebook.

The director of the shelter, Leah Sipe, along with a police officer of the Waller police force, said that some of the rescue shelter’s staff thought that the little pup was snarling, they quickly saw that he was actually doing a funny grin…

The most awesome part is that the little black ‘n’ brown bundle of love can do it on demand… He really is the best pet for someone who wants to pose and post lots of pictures!

To introduce Cheech to everyone online the post reads:

“Y’all… this smiling dog we got in at the shelter yesterday is ridiculous”

Since that post and the pictures, there have been over 6,000 shares of this adorable pooch, this homeless smarty pants won’t be homeless for very long!

But, after the many countless applications that followed the interest in him, the shelter selected a perfect match to be his pooch parent!

The Shelter posted to Facebook on Monday, with a photo of Cheech seeing his great new family:

“I reviewed the applications for Cheech, and one story stood out the most. Carrie reached out to the shelter volunteers and shared her heartbreaking loss with us, she lost her beloved Shepherd to cancer on Friday- since then her other dog (Dusty) pictured here, has been severely depressed and had not eaten in days”

The grieving Daisy and the cute smiling Cheech really made good friends, just like it was meant to be, a little beam of light at the end of the dark tunnel for Carrie and her surviving canine.

The Facebook Update:

“Congratulations on finding your forever home Cheech, we are very happy that you’re going to the perfect home. Cheech needs this family as much as they need him. Nothing but smiles here today Y’all!”

While this little super-pooch found a great new home, the City of Walter Animal Shelter is still desperately looking to also find homes for many other adorable pets too!

The Animal Rescue was founded originally by a first response worker in the city’s Police force and now upheld and continued by the grace of volunteers from all over the community.

The shelter is based currently in an oil jail and is under renovation. Hence all the animals that live there are with fosterers for a little bit at least, while the renovations are finished.

This revolutionary ‘no-kill’ shelter is the first and only in its area, they hope that Cheech’s online fame will spread and help the other animals find homes too, so let’s help them out and share away folks!

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