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Argentine Mastiff Lived Through Hell But Then Went On To Inspire Countless Others!

An Argentine Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, with his amazing inspirational storey and a beautiful face sadly died, but not before inspiring many! His name was Oogy, when he was younger, just a puppy, he was a ‘bait dog’, used in dogfights.

He was very badly injured and found with deep scars through the side of his face, not to mention his missing ear!

In a cage lay there, no food, no water and very hurt, for 5 days before he was found by a police officer. Larry Levin hadn’t the slightest clue about any of this when he first laid his eyes on Oogy at the Veterinary Hospital.

Larry and his two sons, twins of 12 years, were taking their poorly cat, who was in fact terminally ill, to the animal hospital, sadly, to be euthanized. Oogy was at that very same hospital, pulling at his lead while he was being walked by staff.

The second the dog saw Larry’s two boys he broke free, knocking down one of his sons and flattening him, but with kisses!

The family fell in love with the dog immediately, they learned about his horrific ordeal and that he was holeless…

They decided straight away they wanted to adopt him, his beautiful soul reached out to the family and he had a strong pull on everyone who had met him, magnetic! Larry was even inspired to write a book, it was called ‘Oogy: The dog only a family could love’.

The storey not only brought awareness concerning the wrongs and realization about dogfights, but it really brings inspiration for others to face challenges with love and kindness, just the same as he did!

13 years later the family announced that Oogy had passed away, but not before they had some amazing years together!

Levin wrote:

“We covered Oogy with kisses. He kissed us back. This morning I fed Oogy a bison filet. I put moisturizer on his big fat nose and drops in his eyes so they wouldn’t itch, just like I do every day, and I put his warm orange coat on him, the one that Linda gave him, and we went for a ride.

He was 100 years old and kept our spirits up through the whole ordeal but he’s gone from us”

“He didn’t suffer.”

“We went through so much together and I can’t tell you how much he meant to me. He gave me the life I have. He brought me joy every single day for the last 12 years.

Every single day. Think about that. I know this profound sadness is inevitable. And I don’t know how the hole will be filled, or even if it can be. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

I really think that Oogy’s soul and his spirit will live on to inspire us all to help victims of animal crimes and cruelty. Just like Larry says in the video:

“This dog is living proof you can go through the most obscene experience imaginable and come out the other side and find love on the other side.”

Share the Love, inspire others, share Oogy’s touching story.

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